Tipplegoods Barrel Aging Mason Jar Lids

Tipplegoods Barrel Aging Mason Jar Lids

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Barrel age cocktails, spirits, or bitters in a wide mouth mason jar.

Replicate the effects of any size barrel -

Great for cocktail enthusiasts, experimenting distillers, and bitters makers. Add just the right amount of barrel aged character to your drink, by dialing in the oak ratio and aging time. By choosing what size jar you use, and how long you age, you can find the perfect combination of age and oak for your own personal barrel aged drink.

  • Cocktails become more mellow and unified, and a bit sweeter.
  • Spirits become smoother and sweeter, with hints of oak and vanilla.
  • Bitters become more balanced and subtle.

When liquor is barrel aged, a lot of things happen. The alcohol and water extract flavors and sugars from the wood, which adds sweetness, oakiness, and other flavors. The charred surface filters out harsh notes. The movement of oxygen through the wood oxidizes the contents slightly, changing some flavors.

There are several ways of adding oak flavor or barrel aging, but none balance oak with aging like a large barrel does without breaking the bank.

Aging Oak Infusion Surface Ratio Cost
Oak Stick/Stave/Chips No Aging Yes Adjustable $
Small Barrel Yes Yes 5x too oaky $$
Large Barrel Yes Yes Standard $$$$
Tipplegoods Lid Yes Yes Adjustable $


Fits wide mouth mason jars. Pack of two. Includes instructions, recipes, and labels for aging and presentation.